Next level safety, service and solutions

When it comes to difficult and challenging access for high rise buildings repairs and maintenance, safety, quality and experience count.

At Anchor Safe Rope Access, we draw on our experience in height safety and rope access to help you navigate the complexity of building façade management with absolute confidence and ease. Backed by up-to-the-minute knowledge of building and safety legislation and codes and a solution-focused approach that elevates value and outcomes at every step.

Our approach

We bring the expertise to protect, restore and maintain your building’s façade across its entire lifespan – maximising your building’s structural integrity, visual aesthetics, safety and building compliance, and return on your investment.

Total Facade Management.
What to look for.

  • Proven techniques: The latest, industry leading height safety and rope access methods, rigorously tested for optimal safety and results.
  • Real expertise: A strong network of skilled technicians from painters to concreters and renderers, all trained to work in difficult to access locations.
  • Clear control: A track record in quality, on time and on budget project delivery with minimal disruption to building occupants.
  • Sustainable solutions: Eco-friendly products that are safe, heat reflective and produce energy savings for your building.

The works were started and completed all on schedule albeit with some rain delays over the agreed timeframe, within the Covid crisis restrictions. The Anchor Safe Rope Access team were faultless in the execution of the works. Upon completion, compliments came thick and fast from our residents. Everyone was delighted with the results. As a consequence of the excellent work done and the positive responses from the residents the Executive Committee engaged Anchor Safe Rope Access to a Five Year Scheduled Maintenance Program.
We would have no hesitation recommending the Anchor Safe Rope Access team

Building Management Committee