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Protect, restore and maintain your building’s facade and value

Presentation is everything in today’s competitive real estate market and business world. Is your building’s facade sending the right message to tenants, employees, and potential investors?

Protect, restore and elevate the appeal, value and structural integrity of your building with Anchor Safe Rope Access. Our focus on safe, quality and reliable industrial rope access and abseil services make us Sydney’s first choice for high-rise facade management solutions.

Rope access services in Sydney

Next level safety, service and solutions

Our team of certified and highly experienced rope access technicians have the skills and expertise to reliably provide the highest quality facade management services to Sydney’s building owners and managers.

Using advanced rope access equipment and techniques, we restore and repair buildings to extend their value for years to come with solutions tailored to suit your building, your business and your budget.

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Why Choose us?

Proudly Australian-owned and backed by the strength of a national height safety leader, Anchor Safe Rope Access is an award-winning provider of external high-rise cleaning, painting and maintenance in Sydney. Our Rope Access teams are highly skilled and accredited height safety specialists as well as trade-certified technicians, so you can trust Anchor Safe Rope Access to provide outstanding services at competitive prices.