Charlotte on the Park – 2022 Project of the Year Sydney

The Charlotte on the Park project won the 2022 Project of the Year award & Difficult Access Project of the Year award. The most prestigious awards in the Painting and Decorating Industry. The Anchor Safe Rope Access team were chosen to audit, quote & deliver the works for an entire facade renovation based on our industry reputation, experience, knowledge, and ability to provide the service without erecting scaffolding – an essential consideration, due to costs and minimising impact on all residents.

The building complex is home to 33 apartments with large balconies for each apartment on all 6 levels. Our client had numerous external facade issues causing extensive water ingress into the residence apartments, thanks to our rope access technicians we were able to complete the works including render repairs, joint sealing & a full repaint with minimal disruption to the residence.

Along with our total facade audit, we also conducted dye tests to show the extent of the water ingress issues. Our tests results confirmed that there was a significant flow of water into the internal skirting boards of multiple apartments, eliminating the guesswork and allowing for an accurate scope of works to be created to resolve all waterproofing issues. Our facade audit also discovered corrosion & severe deterioration to the structural beams of the building.

The Remedial Methodology

The render to the building corner was removed to expose the structural metal beams. As shown in our photographic reports, the concrete fill caused the metal beam to corrode and deteriorated the metal to the point that the structural integrity of the beam was compromised. There were areas where the metal was completely deteriorated and rusted away. The Anchor Safe Rope Access team recommended that the entire building corner be repaired as only completing certain sections/levels of the corner could result in the failure of the unrepaired sections/levels over time. Our client had complete trust in Anchor Safe’s processes and capabilities to resolve all waterproofing issues & went ahead with the entire scope of works which included:

  • Removing all render back to the sound firm area in affected areas.
  • Cut out all corroded metal corners & installed new galvanised metal corners.
  • Applied 2 coats of a waterproofing membrane to prevent water ingress to the building.
  • Repaint to entire external Facade.

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After multiple on-site meetings with Anchor Safe Rope Access, the scope was agreed, which included exterior remedial works and painting.

Throughout the project, the scope increased due to additional remediation items being uncovered, as well as unit-specific requests from residents. These items were clearly outlined as scope variations and presented to the committee for review.

At the end of the project, all committed scope items were completed and the building looks fabulous. The committee would use Anchor Safe Rope Access again for all future maintenance works.”

The Owners Committee