When considering façade repairs, restoration and repainting services for multi-story buildings, it’s essential to choose a provider that guarantees quality, safety, and minimal disruption. 

Anchor Safe Rope Access stands out as a leading solution in Sydney. Offering the highest quality services and backed by Australia’s leading height safety company, we prioritise service, communication and value for our clients at every stage of the process. 

This article gives insights into what you can expect when working with us.

Step 1: Initial Contact

Upon reaching out to Anchor Safe Rope Access, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to guide you throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves in being a market leader in providing updated and constant communication before starting, during the process and on completion of the project. You will have a dedicated point of contact for any questions or concerns. We provide regular updates on the project’s progress and are available to address your inquiries.

Step 2: On-Site Meeting

The Project Manager will arrange an on-site meeting with key stakeholders to discuss the project requirements, clearly identifying areas to be included and those to be excluded. This step ensures cost efficiency and sets clear targets for our team to achieve to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Step 3: Site Appraisal

The Project Manager coordinates with our Design and Estimating Manager to conduct a thorough site appraisal. This involves taking measurements and a photographic survey of the property.

During the Site Appraisal, we inspect any defects, test the substrate when possible, and take necessary measures to provide a comprehensive estimate of the works.

Step 4: Quotation

Anchor Safe Rope Access will provide a detailed quote, which includes:

– Compliance with all Australian Safety Environment and Quality Standards.
– Scope of Works.
– Items/areas included, and items/areas excluded.
– Photographic survey of the project site showing any defects and areas of work.
– Product specification and description.
– Colours, profiles and finishes.

The Project Manager and Design and Estimating Manager will present the quote in person, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the proposed works and providing an opportunity for you to ask any questions. If further information is needed, adjustments will be made and a revised document presented.

Step 5: Project Commencement

Upon project approval, the Project Manager liaises with our Operations Manager and Design and Estimating Manager to align on client expectations, special needs, and any site restrictions.

A meeting is arranged with the client, Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Design and Estimating Manager to provide a clear overview of the project’s execution, ensuring alignment with the client’s timeframe and expectations.

The client is provided the contact details of the Project Manager, Operations Manager and Design and Estimating Manager and we welcome any inquiries or questions at any time throughout the project execution.

Step 6: Safety and Quality Assurance

Safety is in our company DNA. A Risk Assessment and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) are completed before work begins. Comprehensive insurance is in place, and all products used adhere to strict Australian Standards. All technicians undergo training and certification as per industry standards.

A full product specification including Product Data Sheets and manufacturer warranties is issued to our clients on receipt of work being awarded to Anchor Safe Rope Access.

Step 7: Project Execution

Our team works systematically to repair, restore and replace any damaged or defective areas of the facade as needed, using highly efficient industrial rope access techniques. Once these works are assessed to have met our strict quality standards, surfaces are prepared and our expert rope access painters apply high-performance coating systems and products for award-winning results.

Our team employs only licenced specialists such as cement renders, painters and builders who complete the desired works via Industrial Rope Access. All work is guaranteed by Anchor Safe and always to a trade quality standard and finish. All products applied and installed by Anchor Safe Rope Access are of the highest quality and in accordance with strict Australian Standards and the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

There are many advantages of using rope access for façade restoration over traditional access methods such as scaffolding or mechanical lifts. Importantly, there is minimum disruption to the occupants and little disruption to the daily operations of the building be it residential, commercial or industrial. And with minimal equipment needed to access the facade, our footprint during the remedial and restoration works is significantly smaller.

At the end of each working day all access ropes, safety bollards, waste and packaging are collected, removed, and stored away leaving the site clear of all equipment. Compared to scaffolding and other access methods where the whole site can be affected due to the heavy and bulky equipment required, rope access is unmatched for its ability to minimise disruption and cost.

Step 8: Project Completion and Review

Once the project is complete, the Project Manager and Operations Manager will meet with you on-site to ensure all expectations are met. After your approval, the project is officially closed.

All equipment, waste, and packaging are responsibly removed from the site. In partnership with Paintback Australia, Anchor Safe Rope Access ensures paint containers and unwanted paint are recycled, supporting environmental sustainability.


Choosing Anchor Safe Rope Access for façade repairs and restoration ensures a seamless, efficient, and high-quality experience. Our systematic approach, combined with a commitment to safety, communication and client satisfaction, makes us an industry leader in multi-story façade repair and renovation.

If you’d like an award-winning team with unmatched service to quote your façade restoration, get in touch and your dedicated project manager will reach out to you.

Author Bio

Brad Love is a veteran of the rope access painting and decorating industry, with over 47 years of experience under his belt. Brad is the Service Design and Estimator at Anchor Safe Rope Access and a trusted voice in the painting and decorating community

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