What is rope access?

Rope Access is a versatile method of work positioning that enables technicians to access high or hard-to-reach areas on buildings and other structures using specialised equipment and techniques. Its methods emphasise efficiency and safety while minimising disruption and cost compared to traditional access methods like scaffolding or mechanical lifts.

Rope Access is a safe, cost-effective, and efficient way to perform tasks like inspections, maintenance, and repairs, playing an important role in industries such as construction, wind energy, telecommunications and façade maintenance.

A brief history of rope access

Rope access as a practice has deep historical roots, though the techniques, safety protocols, and equipment we use today have largely been developed over the past few decades. Originating from the skills and practices of rock climbers and cavers, Rope Access was adopted by industry as a safe and efficient method to perform maintenance and inspections.

With the growing demand for Rope Access services, the regulatory body the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) was formed in the 1980s. IRATA is the peak body in Australia for Rope Access training, certification and safety practices. 

Safety measures and regulations for rope access in Australia

In Australia, rope access work is regulated under height safety and WHS laws, standards, and codes of practice designed to protect the safety and health of workers. Employers are responsible for understanding and applying these regulations, providing appropriate equipment and training, and implementing safety procedures to protect workers involved in rope access tasks.

  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011: This act outlines the legal obligations of employers and workers to ensure safety in the workplace.
  • Work Health and Safety Regulations 2017: These regulations detail the specific requirements and procedures to maintain safety in various work scenarios, including working at heights.
  • Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice for Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces: This code provides practical guidance on preventing falls, one of the main risks in rope access work.
  • Australian/New Zealand Standards: Specific standards apply to rope access work such as AS/NZS 1891 (Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices) and AS/NZS 4488 (Industrial Rope Access Systems). These standards specify requirements for equipment, training, and operational procedures.

Advantages of using rope access for façade maintenance

1. Efficiency

Rope access allows for quick and direct access to hard-to-reach areas without the extensive set-up time that scaffolding or mechanical lifts require. This leads to a reduction in overall project time, ensuring maintenance tasks are completed promptly.

2. Cost-effective

Rope access requires less equipment than scaffolding or mechanical lifts, meaning fewer expenses related to the purchase or rental, installation, and removal of access systems resulting in significant cost savings.

3. Safety

With rigorous training standards and strict adherence to safety protocols, rope access has an excellent safety record. Redundant safety systems ensure that technicians are secure at all times during their ascent, descent, and while working at height.

4. Minimised disruption

Rope access causes minimal disruption to the building’s occupants and the surrounding area. It’s less invasive and quieter than other methods, and it doesn’t obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic the way scaffolding might.

5. Versatility

Rope access can be used on a wide variety of building types and architectural styles, from historical buildings to modern skyscrapers. Technicians can navigate complex structures and reach areas that would be difficult or impossible with other methods.

6. Environmentally friendly

Rope access techniques have a smaller environmental footprint compared to other methods. The reduced use of heavy machinery and equipment means less energy consumption and less potential for environmental damage.

7. Improved building lifespan

Regular and efficient maintenance using rope access can help to extend the lifespan of a building. Rope access technicians can spot and address minor issues before they develop into significant problems, avoiding costly repairs in the future.

Applications for Rope Access in Façade Maintenance

Façade inspections and audits

Rope access allows for comprehensive façade inspections and audits with minimal impact and maximum cost-effectiveness. Technicians carry out periodic close-up examinations of building exteriors to identify any potential problems or maintenance needs. This aids in the development of preventative maintenance plans and ensures the longevity of the structure. Learn more about the importance of building façade. inspections here

Window cleaning

Rope access provides a safe and efficient solution for window cleaning on mid to high-rise buildings. It allows cleaners to reach windows at great heights and on irregular facades that might be inaccessible to other methods. The efficiency and low impact of rope access window cleaning makes it more likely to be completed regularly keeping your building looking good and its occupants happy.

Façade cleaning

A clean façade not only looks better, but it is also a preventative maintenance measure. The removal of grime, debris and pollutants from the façade surface will increase its lifespan and minimise the need for future repairs. Rope access façade cleaning enables technicians to cover large surfaces efficiently and effectively, even on unique and challenging structures.

Façade Repairs

From minor repairs like resealing windows to major restoration works like the elimination of concrete cancer, rope access technicians can safely reach the necessary areas to perform a wide range of repair tasks. With regular inspection (see below), façade repairs and maintenance can be undertaken before the issues blow up into major structural repairs that carry hefty repair bills.

Painting and coatings

When a building’s exterior needs a new coat of paint or a protective coating, rope access offers a practical, efficient and cost-effective solution. Technicians can cover large areas quickly and effectively, providing a high-quality finish (we have awards to prove it). Your building can have its exterior completely restored without the need for ugly and expensive scaffolding or mechanical lifts that impact occupants and affect business.

Installation of building features

Rope access can also be used in the installation of building features like signage, banners, and lighting as well as pest control and bird scare systems. It provides an efficient method for these tasks, reducing the time and cost involved compared to other methods and minimising impact on the building’s occupants.


Rope Access presents an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for a wide range of façade maintenance tasks. For building owners and strata managers, understanding its myriad benefits and applications is key to maintaining and enhancing the value and lifespan of your structures. 

Rope Access stands as an invaluable tool for those in charge of maintaining medium to high-rise buildings. Embracing this method could significantly streamline your building maintenance needs while reducing service costs and ensuring maximum longevity, value and street appeal of your building.

For expert advice and award-winning rope access services, reach out to the friendly Anchor Safe Rope Access team for a free consultation.

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