Bullecourt Remedial – Award Winning Project Sydney

The Bullecourt project won the 2020 Difficult Access Award & the 2020 Difficult Access Multi Unit Repaint over $350,000 award. The most prestigious awards in the Painting and Decorating Industry. Throughout 5 months the Rope access team completed an entire repaint & render repairs to the award winning Bullecourt buildings.

The building is home to 115 units and has a large concrete wing that spans the entire length of the building, leaving a void below of approximately three floors. This made it extremely challenging to access the underside of the wing to repair concrete cracks and repaint, so the team developed & built an Engineer Designed and Certified Encapsulated Platform that brought our technicians within arm’s length of the concrete repairs and coating works on the concrete wing.

Being an occupied residential building the encapsulated platform was a crucial aspect of the project, allowing the team to access all areas of the building without having to enter any of the apartments. Extreme measures were put in place to ensure the safety of the residence throughout the course of the project & we ensured minimal disruption to the community by using a under the door notification process for all the residents on any wing we would be working on.

Bullecourt Residence 

Throughout the course of 5 months, our rope access team completed the following:

  • Concrete & render repairs
  • Full external repaint
  • External Window Clean

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