Embassy Towers Sydney

The Embassy Towers is relatively new to Sydney’s skyscraper landscape, with a height of 98 meters and home to 219 apartments. The Embassy Towers has a sophisticated facade with various angles and windows that are only accessible via rope access. This makes it imperative to have a periodic maintenance plan in place to ensure the integrity of the facade and reputation stays undamaged.

Anchor Safe Rope Access completed a site inspection of the building before providing a comprehensive proposal for a facade & window cleaning. Our client went ahead with our full external window cleaning services as well as our facade cleaning option due to our turnkey approach and attention to detail in the scope of works. Our proposal included details about the specific products and methods of rope access window cleaning our team will be using, along with a realistic schedule of works.

Anchor Safe’s Rope access technicians made several drops from 98 meters high and during the cleaning process, the abseilers discovered a lot of accumulated dust build up in the channels between the glass panels that had not been properly cleaned since the construction of the building. Once the rain hits the facade and surges the channels, the dust, dirt and grime leaves stains on the glass which are very difficult to clean and remove and will eventually etch into the glass if not addressed quickly enough and require a special cleaning procedure.

Our technicians also discovered concrete spatter on the decorative fins and the glass panels on the Eastern elevation of the Embassy. The concrete was cleaned and removed along with the entire facade pressure wash.

Throughout the course of the project, our rope access team completed the following:

  • Full external Window clean
  • Full external Facade clean
  • Concrete spatter removal

Anchor Safe recommended cleaning the facade and windows every 4 months (3 cleaning services per year) with the following cleaning procedure to ensure the facade continues to impress:

  1. Clean the concrete and masonry surfaces using a pressure washer.
  2. Clean the metal cladding using a deionized (pure) water-fed brush.
  3. Clean the cladding using a microfiber applicator and squeegee.
  4. Clean the channels/groves between the glass panels using a pressure washer.
  5. Clean the glass and decorative fins using a scrub scourer pad and squeegee.

Unmatched in experience, safety and quality, Anchor Safe Rope Access are Sydney’s first choice for high-rise window cleaning services.

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